Research Centers

Eye Research Centre

Established in 2006, the main goals and activities of the eye Research Centre include:

·         Increasing knowledge of ophthalmology, the ongoing scientific research and research targeted to the needs of the society,

·         Design and implementation of research projects,                              

·         Approval and dissemination and publication of research findings.

Endocrine & Metabolism Research Center

Isfahan Endocrine & Metabolism Research Center (IEMRC) was first established in 1992 as “Diabetes Training and Treatment Research Center” and renamed in 1995 after expansion of its research activities to all branches of endocrinology. The mission of this centre is to perform basic, epidemiological and clinical medical research with the goal of prevention and elimination of metabolic and endocrine disorders. 

Vision: becoming a leading center in the field of endocrinology and metabolism disorders research at national, and international levels.


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