Research Centers

Skin Diseases and Leishmaniasis Research Center

Established in 2000. The mission of this center is research and training in dermatology, cutaneous Leishmaniasis and “stem cell therapy” for skin and hair. The center is equipped with modern technologies, clean room, cell culture laboratory, parasitology laboratory and dermatology clinics.

Psychosomatic Research Center

The Psychosomatic Research Center (PSRC) was established in 2010.

The main fields of research activities of this center include:

  • Psychosomatic medicine, which included different functional disorders and somatoform disorders

  • Psychological factors affecting medical conditions

  • Consultation-liaison psychiatry

  • Burden of psychosomatic and functional disorders in general population

  • Cultural and transcultural aspects of psychosomatic medicine

  • Psycho-oncology


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