Research Centers

Health Management and Economics Research Center

The Health Management and Economics Research Center is a dynamic and creative entity involved in basic and practical research in health system management. The center is responsible for enhancing the knowledge in the field and promoting research into organizational structure and management, decisions support systems, health reform, service quality improvement, and efficiency measurement for health system at regional and Nationally levels.

Health information technology research center

The Health Information Technology Research Center was established in 2006. The main mission of this center is to improve the quality and quantity of health information technology research fields including modification of health system management, knowledge management, computer networks and notification systems, electronic health records, scientometrics, electronic source management.

Gastroenterology Research Center

The Gastroenterology Research Centerwas established in 2013. The missions of this center include:

·         Providing guidance and assistance to researchers,

·         Review and approval of research proposals presented to the center,

·         Evaluation of ethical issues,

·         Provision of support for the implementation of approved research.


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