Research Centers

Dental Materials Research Center

Established in 2012 and currently located in the School of Dentistry. The Dental Materials Research Center is an interdisciplinary hub dedicated to furthering research and development in Dental Materials, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, and Nanotechnology. TDMRC activities in standardization, ranking of dental biomaterials and evidence-based research dentistry are directed toward improvement of dental health service. DMRC provides services to academic and industrial researchers, dental professionals, and society in the field of dental biomaterials.

Dental Implants Research Center

Dental Implants are among the latest technology to relate the different fields of dentistry together and replace missing teeth. Dental Implants Research Center was established in 2012 in the School of Dentistry. The main research areas include: studying different systems of dental implants, bone anchoring, effectiveness of dental implants to restore the functions of the mouth, jaw and face.


Craniofacial and Cleft Research Center

The Craniofacial and CleftResearch Center ( CCRC), formerly calledIsfahan Cleft Care Team was established in 2005 for diagnosisand treatment of cleft patients as a team management and gradually expanded as a multidisciplinary and highly specialized treatment  team for prevention , diagnosis and treatment of cleft children and others congenital  craniofacial deformities. The members of this research center include: plastic surgeons, pediatric surgeons, speech language therapists, orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons,neurosurgeonsand otolaryngologists.


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