Professor Tahereh Changiz

  • 10 Jan 2018
  • by international


Praise for god who is the first teacher of humanity and sent his prophets to the people with books and wisdom.

The dynamic process of development in the 21th century will always make everyone strive and prepare for future developments. Knowledge is required to play a constructive role in the process of change. As a cradle of knowledge, universities play important roles in setting the grounds for flourishing of knowledge, skills and attitudes in every community. An overview of the history of human systems shows that the future belongs to those who best learn and apply their knowledge. A successful university must be able to both train efficient human resources and develop new technologies. Although medical education in Isfahan, with its new academic approach, has started for 70 years, this university has the legacy of the oldest medical school in the world with its acknowledged reference text books. Hakim abu Ali Sina's school, where his book on medicine "Al-Qanun" was written and taught, survives as a point of reference through the ages, and attests to the academic tradition of teaching medicine in Iran and Isfahan.

As one of the best universities in Iran, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences has always tried to create a dynamic and lively environment to motivate students, and to provide appropriate facilities and employ experienced and reputable professors in order to contribute to the development of human society and to promote people's health as its mission.

According to my experience as a younger generation professor, I stress that you consider two issues when entering a university: Frist, try to raise the public awareness and, second, to use this awareness to solve the community's problems. I hope that Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, as the best-ranking and lasting university, can serve the right choice for people who love science, practice and peace.


President of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences


Dr. Tahereh Changiz, M.D., Ph.D.