Craniofacial and Cleft Research Center

  • 24 Apr 2016
  • by m12bu4

The Craniofacial and CleftResearch Center ( CCRC), formerly calledIsfahan Cleft Care Team was established in 2005 for diagnosisand treatment of cleft patients as a team management and gradually expanded as a multidisciplinary and highly specialized treatment  team for prevention , diagnosis and treatment of cleft children and others congenital  craniofacial deformities. The members of this research center include: plastic surgeons, pediatric surgeons, speech language therapists, orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons,neurosurgeonsand otolaryngologists. Othersupporting groupsincludepediatricians, pediatricendocrinologists, neonatal nursesand nutritionists, pediatric dentists, geneticists,ophthalmologists, psychologistsand social coworkers.

There are currently 27 faculty members and research associates workingin this center.

The mission is to develop team working protocols including treatment planning, periodic evaluation,record documentation and areas of responsibilities.

The vision is to expand and disseminate treatment protocols toother universities and treatment centers, establishing interdisciplinary cooperationand the rolefor CCRC, improving quality of management, establishingcraniofacial and cleft fellowship training coursesin Isfahan and collaboration with other national and international centers.

The activities of this center includeresearch, education, training, treatment and evaluation, prevention, preparation ofbooklet and pamphlets, holding workshopsand congressesand improvingknowledge in the field.


Address: Al-zahra hospital and rehabilitation faculty

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