Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute

  • 26 Apr 2016
  • by m12bu4

Established in 1993 as Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center (ICRC)with the aim of performing research into cardiovascular diseases (CVD) prevention and health promotion. The central goal of the ICRC is to utilize the existent technology to perform community-oriented biomedical research, produce applicable results, and contribute to furthering human knowledge in the realms of science. Furthermore, the ICRC is a WHO collaborating center for research and training in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) control, prevention and rehabilitation for cardiac patients in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) since 2003. The ICRC was promoted to an Institute (ICRI) in 2011and currently consists of six research Centers: 

  • Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center 

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Research Center 

  • Hypertension Research Center 

  • Heart Failure Research Center

  • Applied Physiology Research Center

  • Interventional Cardiology Research Center

The catchphrase in ICRI is:Health promotion in the community will be achieved only by applying valid research findings in the health policies and all decision-making in this field.

Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP) and Isfahan Cohort Study (ICS) were among large-scale studies performed in ICRI. This institute collaborates with industrial, governmental and non-governmental organizations for performing interventional, community-based, CVD prevention and health promotion research projects. The Cardiovascular Research Network Secretariat is located in ICRI. ICRI has been awarded numerous prestigious national and international prizes for performing multicenter international studies. The ICRC has been amongst the top 5 Research Centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health in the past years. ICRI admits students for PhD by Research program. 

Departments/Units at ICRI

ICRI departments include Basic Sciences Research, Surveillance of Risk Factors, Diseases & Mortality, Nutrition and Cohort Studies. ICRI units include Cardiovascular Disease in Women, Mental Health, Tobacco Control, Epidemiology & Statistics, Data bank, Environment & Non Communicable Disease and Preventive Pediatric Cardiology. The ICRI research supervision committee has Basic Sciences, Health System Research, and Clinical Research subcommittees that evaluate all research proposals before final evaluation by the ICRI Research Council.

ICRI Multicenter Studies  


ICRI is currently collaborating with a number of international organizations such as WHO, WHL, WHF, ISH and is conducting joint studies with some universities and academic institutes in Canada, USA, UK and some European and Asian countries.

ICRI Official Journal

ARYA Atherosclerosis is an international, peer-reviewed, bimonthly journal indexed in PubMed, owned and published by ICRI. This journal scope is to disseminate evidence-based documents on atherosclerosis, its related risk factors, diseases, and complications from basic, clinical and epidemiological perspectives.


Applied Physiology Research Center

Established in 2004, this center aims to cultivate a collegial and interdisciplinary atmosphere for research and scientific training. APRC collaborates closely with expert scientists and clinicians.  The main research mission is to explore promising ideas in every aspect of cancer science including basic, translational and clinical studies.